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A Half-demon Fox that used to be a drum (we may or may not speak of this someday). Cursed to live on a crimson lake until they pay their debt to a demon. Trying to turn the lake into a resort where they can entertain people and make friends even without leaving.


Your cute local vampire succubus. Way too good at Among Us. Like, please stop murdering me then convincing the lobby I killed myself. Likes cuddling. Will flirt with you for food.


The sleepy puppy herself! Cobalt enjoys being the orientation of Canadian. You can usually find her indulging in her Chinese food addiction, or munching on a chubby chicken burger.


The owner of the TECK studio, at least until his spaceship gets shot down again. You can find Katernum ruining his sleep schedule or shooting at things. Or doing both at the same time. At least the spaceship has good internet.